Wednesday, November 06, 2013

New Word Magazine (11.6.13): Reaction: Doug Phillip's Resignation

I posted a new episode of Word Magazine this morning (11.6.13).  This episode offers a reaction to Doug Phillip's resignation from Vision Forum Ministries.  Among links of interest mentioned in the episode:
David Murray's blog post on Phillip's resignation;
Reactions on blogs from folk critical of conservative Christians and/or homeschooling:  wartburgwatch; Libby Anne on patheos (here and here); homeschoolers anonymous;
My sermon Sunday morning on Counting the Cost from Luke 14:25-35.

My recent sermons on the seventh commandment (part 1 and part 2).

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Mad Jack said...

I read David Murray's post and he does a good job with it. What I see more often than not is pride and the associated condescending attitude that a title of authority tends to bring with it; at times I see the weight of responsibility on the shoulders of an elder or pastor, but not nearly as often as pride. Stemming from that pride comes a certain close mindedness that manifests during study of the Scripture. The lecturer already knows what the verses mean and so is closed to insights.

The evil one is real; he exists in this world, and that's something to remember.