Wednesday, May 01, 2013

"Gospel Church Government" follow-ups

Gospel Church Government was released by Grace Publications in the UK in April 2012.  It is a simplified and abridged version of John Owen's classic work on ecclesiology,  The True Nature of a Gospel Church and Its Government, which I had the privilege of writing and editing.
Peter Culver wrote this review of the book in January 2013 for Evangelical Times.
You can also now order the book in the US through Grace & Truth Books.



AJ said...

Thank you for providing this update.

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

Thank you for the thank you, Armand. Yes, I know several folk have asked about ordering the book and the shipping from the UK via EPbooks was costly, so hopefully getting it mailed in the US should be easier. I am not familiar with this distributor but it is in OK and looks like a Christian family business.


Bryant said...

Hey Pastor Riddle,

Would this work be one of the best exegetical treatments of the teaching and ruling elder distinction? What other exegetical resources would you recommend on this subject? Thank you for your work!