Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Newest issue of "The Reformed Baptist Trumpet"

I just sent out the latest issue of The Reformed Baptist Trumpet, the quarterly e-journal of the Reformed Baptist Fellowship of Virginia, to our RBF-VA email list.  Here's the note:

Dear friends,

Attached is the most recent issue of The Reformed Baptist Trumpet (Volume 3 No. 1).  Yes, it's the January-February-March issue, and it's already April.  Hopefully it arrives better late than never!

Inside this issue:
  • Articles by Greg Barkman ("X-Rated Christianity") and W. Gary Crampton ("Seeking Salvation:  Jonathan Edwards and Preparation for Salvation").
  • A book review of Michael Horton's The Christian Faith by Jeff Riddle.
  • An excerpt from Benjamin Keach on "Five Tasks of the Pastor."
You can also read this issue online at the Reformed Baptist Fellowship of Virginia website.

May the Lord richly bless you in your lives and ministry!

Jeff Riddle

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