Friday, July 08, 2011

A Visit to McKay's Used Books in Knoxville

While I'm on the topic of book deals today....

Last Friday-Saturday our family was in Knoxville for a baseball tournament. On the way home Saturday (7/2/11) we noticed the McKay Bookstore on Papermill Rd. off I-40. The parking lot was filled so we dropped in to take a look. Wow! The building is filled with neatly organized stacks and contains wall to wall used books. According to the website, it started as a "free enterprise library" in 1978. There are three locations in TN (Knoxvile, Chattanooga, and Nashville).

While there were plenty of traditional Christianity books, there were at least as many occult and alternative religion titles. I got away with only purchasing a paperback copy of George Marsden's Fundamentalism and American Culture. But it was fun to look around.

They had Eerdman's 12 volume edition of Calvin's commentaries on the NT (at $8 per volume), but I already have Calvin's commentaries.


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Chris Kelly said...

Notice it appears to be an 11-volume edition, or missing one.