Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New NIV in 2011

This article in USA Today reports that Zondervan is apparently planning to offer another another revision of the NIV in 2011 to correspond with the 400th anniversary of the KJV.
One wonder whether it will reflect the gender neutral changes made to the TNIV in 2002. One also wonders if seven to nine years now is the basic life of a modern translation or revision of a modern translation.


John Bowman said...

I found the quote by the CEO of Biblica particularly disturbing "And we'll get it right this time." Was God's word "wrong" earlier; is translation a moving target? These are important questions that should not be taken lightly. While I am not ideologically opposed to modern translations (I use the ESV), the preservation and recognition of the supernatural inspiration of the word must be central to any translation project.

travishilton.wordpress.com said...

Brother Jeff,

I am not a proponent of the NIV, but are you aware that the TNIV is being discontinued? I think that the reason is continued resistance from conservatives to gender-neutral langauage. I wonder if they would have the nerve to transfer that translation (even partially) to the NIV. It may not be a wise business move for Zondervan who has not made friends nor sales with the TNIV.


jeffkramerak said...

No matter what the translation, we must be careful that the true MEANING is not tainted, or changed…we cannot add or take away words, lets not forget what it says in the last book of Revelations.

Travis Hilton said...

Brother Jeff,

After reading the article, I realize now that you do indeed know the TNIV has been discontinued. I still wonder how they will handle a new translation. Some well-known and respected evangelicals seem to have cautioned optimism that I don't necessarily share.