Tuesday, January 02, 2007

High housing costs in C-ville and rootlessness

A USA Today money article posted today gives a real estate snap-shot for Charlottesville. It notes the fact that UVA shelters the local real estate market. With the example "medium-priced" home at $315,000 you can understand why many young individuals and families say they cannot afford to live here (or stay here after graduation). What really hurts is comparing the $120,000 "medium -priced" house in Indianapolis (look here).
OK, Jeff, isn't this a departure from the usual Biblical-theological fare? In fact, it's about the challenges of ministry to young people in a church that is situated in a college town with a high cost of living. And this does not even address the problem of church hopping! Rootlessness is a challenge. It is hard to blame the person who moves to get the bigger house or the better paying job, but if we never stay put, will we ever put down the roots that will make us grow strong?


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