Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prayer Request for Paul Washer and Schedule Change

Dear friends,

I have some bad news.

I got a call last night from Dr. Nathan Berry an associate with HeartCry Missionary Society telling me that Paul Washer had been admitted to the hospital in Muscle Shoals, AL with severe chest pains yesterday afternoon. They are running tests to determine what is going on. In light of this, Paul will not be able to be with us this week as planned. Please be in prayer for Paul and his family (he has two preschool age children and his wife is expecting their third child). Dr. Berry (who also happens to be a physician) was very apologetic for the cancellation. I, of course, told Nathan that Paul's health was our primary concern and that our doctrine would compel us to see this as God's perfect will. We also see the goodness of God in the fact that this took place before Paul set off to drive to Virginia today.

I talked with Brian Davis last night on the phone. We considered getting another speaker at last minute, but decided not to do that. Instead, we plan to proceed with the special Wednesday evening meal and then view a video of Paul Washer's best known sermon delivered at a Youth Evangelism Conference in 2002. It is a very powerful message that has been downloaded over 36,000 times online. We will not meet on Thursday-Saturday.

I know that some of you have prayed much for this series of meetings and that you have already invited unsaved friends to come to hear the gospel. I pray that this will not dull your zeal for evangelism!

As they used to say when I was on the mission field, sometimes life call for "flexibility to the point of liquidity"!

Again, most key, please keep Paul and his family in your prayers.

Grace and peace, Pastor Jeff Riddle


Anonymous said...

jIs there an update in Paul Washer's health? 12/30/06

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

Update on Paul:

Paul is out of the hospital and doing fine. I talked to him on the phone the week after he had to cancel with us. We are rescheduling for Spring 2006 and will soon post details.

Thanks for your interest!