Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"End of the Spear" follow up

Two updates on last week's article. First, I gave a recommendation to the "End of the Spear" movie (a review appeared in Saturday's "Daily Progress"). I also noted it was based on Elliot's book. I should have said that it retells the same story as is told in Elliot's book about the death of five missionaries in the 1950s. The movie project is apparently more closely related to the family of Nate Saint than to Jim Elliot. See also the not so glowing review given by Tom Ascol on his blog.
Second, scandal has also broken over the fact that the actor who plays Nate Saint, Chad Allen, is a homosexual activist who believes his homosexuality is "a beautiful gift from God" (see the Baptist Press article). This movie is being heavily promoted by many evangelical churches. Some are renting out theaters or taking groups, as they did with Gibson's "Passion." Ethical questions raised by churches promoting movies are multitudinous and that, likely, precludes us ever doing so at JPBC.

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