Saturday, June 03, 2023

WM 283: An error in Matthew 27:9?


Outline of notes:

1. Introduction: An error in Matthew 27:9?

2. Review of Protestent commentaries: A "hard knot" to untie

3. Towards a solution that upholds Biblical infallibility

4. Conclusion:

In the end, Matthew 27:9 was not considered a controversial matter in the days of early Christianity. As Metzger put it, the traditional text was “firmly established,” and it raised no serious questions about the infallibility of Scripture.

We can safely assume this same pre-critical posture in our generation.

In the end, the most reasonable explanation as to why the reference is given in Matthew 27:9 to Jeremiah when the quotes which follows is taken from Zechariah, is the fact that Matthew and his hearers would have been accustomed to making reference to the whole of the prophets by use of the name Jeremiah as a reference to the whole corpus of prophetic writings.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Good presentation. I appreciate the information. This Word Magazine reminded me of teaching I had been given on this from a pastor many years ago. Since it is not readily available online, I typed it up and posted it on my blog. You might be interested in reading it:

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

RLV, thanks for sharing this. Very interesting indeed. Is this work available in print? I'll check online.


R. L. Vaughn said...

It looks like the Bogard Press in Texarkana has it.