Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Report from Flat Creek

Last Sunday, I had the honor of preaching at Flat Creek Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va on the occassion of their 175th anniversary as a church. It was good to have fellowship with Pastor Ernie Carey and with the family of Jackie Rosser, a UVA student who attends JPBC, who grew up at Flat Creek. I preached from Acts 2:42 on "Four Marks of a True Church." Here's a picture my daughter Hannah took of me by the church sign and also one of the church building.


Jay Rhee said...

Pastor Jeff,

I am so glad to see one of the most recent pictures of you.

It is also great to know that you preach from Acts 2:42, one of my favorite Bible verses, at Falt Creek.

Whenever I talk about the verse to my fellow Christians, I always emphasize that the four main things which early church continually devoted are just like four legs of a table. None of them should be neglected if we want to make a healthy church.

Let's keep practicing the four things: the apostles’ doctrine (Scripture, particularly New Testament), fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayers.

In His grace,

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...


Thanks for your post! I like your analogy of these four elements as like four legs on a table and may borrow that the next time I preach this text.

We miss you guys here at JPBC! I hope Seunghae is enjoying teaching at Purdue. Please plan to come visit us in Virginia soon!

Grace, JTR