Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Follow up on Roanoke Trip

Had a good time in Roanoke at the "Society" on Monday. By God’s grace, I was feeling much better than I had been on Sunday (getting over a stomach flu that hit everyone in my household).
Both presentations were well received and the Lord blessed. Enjoyed a late lunch and conversation at the "Bad Wolf" Barbecue joint on Plantation Road (really good!). It is always interesting to talk to veteran pastors, and it is especially fun to just sit on the sidelines and listen to men like Lloyd Sprinkle and Ron Young, Sr. talk about the old Baptists (Boyce, Broadus, Manly, Carroll, etc.) as if they just spoke to them last week.

Given the Piper presentation, much talk centered on baptism. It was asked if Piper had been influenced by some Reformed Baptists (Grace Baptist in Carlisle, PA was mentioned) who also accept pedo-baptists into membership. I do not know the answer on that one.
Sound byte: Lloyd recalled one Baptist who when the Presbyterians referenced the Church Fathers would always remind them that the "Fathers" should really be called "the church infants."

Also met Ovid (got to love a man with a Roman name!) Need of Bentonsville, VA and was introduced to his "The Biblical Examiner" publication.

I appreciated the opportunity to be there.

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